Dance To Tipperary DJ SET "Tipp' DJ"

Tipp'DJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dance To Tipperary have many Top 30 Hits in Ireland and No.1 Dance Singles under the belt including their biggest hits The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F.C. Mix), The Irish Rover, The Foxhunters, Stop The Rock and Ole, Ole, Ole (We're Up For The Cup).

In 2002 Dance To Tipperary received a nomination for a Meteor Ireland Music Award in the Best Irish Dance Act / DJ category long with Stewart Dot Doogan, David Holmes, Mark McCabe and John Power and have numerous other accolades and awards on the shelf.

"The most successful exponents of techno diddley-aye are Dance To Tipperary" (Irish Times September 2008) With such a strong history in Irish, Celtic and dance musicfor over a decade Dance To Tipperary DJ SET released CELTIC CLUB  ANTHEMS - The Irish Sessions on 03-03-12 all in good time for St. Patrick’s Day festivities 2012.

CELTIC  CLUB ANTHEMS - The Irish Sessions - Dance To Tipperary DJ SET features mixes old and new of many Dance To Tipperary classics including Ride On, The Irish Rover, Stop The Rock, The Fields Of Athenry, Ole, Ole, Ole, and Midnight Madonna. The first single from the CELTIC CLUB ANTHEMS - The Irish Sessions - Dance To Tipperary DJ SET album The Irish Rover (The Bantry Bay Remix) was released on February 24th 2012.

The video for The Irish Rover (The Bantry Bay remix) “Video Edit” premiered on Vevo during February 2012 and the OffIcialYouTube Channel for Dance To Tipperary DJ SET "TippDJ" was launched.

Dance To Tipperary DJ SET travelled to the USA during March 2012 and mixed up some tunes at ShamrockFest RFK Stadium Washington DC on March 24th 2012.

CELTIC CLUB ANTHEMS - The Irish Sessions - Dance To Tipperary DJ SET achieved a Top 10 position at for MP3 Downloads in Dance/Trance during March 2012.

As Irish fans worldwide prepared for Euro 2012 the Ole, Ole, Ole (EURO 2012 Remix) was released on June 8th just as Euro 2012 began in Poland and Ukraine. It featured the Dance To Tipperary DJ SET - Ole, Ole, Ole, (EURO 2012 Remix) "Tipp'DJ Euphoria Extended Club Mix" and was a featured release on iTunes during the week of release. 

London Olympics 2012 was a wonderful occasion with some great Irish music and craic at Irish House 2012 where Ole' Ole' Ole' 2012 Remix received many an airing including when Katie Taylor won gold.

A brand new "Tipp' DJ" Irish / Celtic EDM single was announced on January 26th as Midem 2013 began and released on March 8th 2013. 

Tipp' DJ played The Irish House St.Patrick's Weekend Special London on March 16th hitting the decks to really get St. Patrcick's Day going with a special Irish House mix of some Irish / Celtic and EDM tunes (Was a party!)

Exclusive video of the brand new Tipp'DJ single CAVALCADE (The Evening Lust Mix) now at the Tipp'DJ Official YouTube Channel.

Tipp' DJ CAVALCADE, Celtic Club Anthems, The Fields Of Athenry (Celtic F.C. Mix), The Irish Rover (The Bantry Bay Remix) and Ole, Ole, Ole are all now available on Beatport.

A Beatport exclusive remix of Tipp'DJ's CAVALCADE will be released during Spring 2015. 

For all the latest updates follow @dancetotipp on Twitter and Dance To Tipperary (Official Group) on Facebook

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