3Ole! 3Ole! 3Ole! Ireland on the way to Euro 2012.

There was a carnival athmosphere at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin last night as Ireland quailfied for their first major international champoinship in 10 years.

So all thoughts and hopes now turn to Ireland, the FAI and Euro2012 as plans are made for summer 2012 in Poland/ Eukraine and the Euro 2012 finals.

Ireland qualifying has created great excitement amongst Ireland's fans as we all look forward to a summer of Ole, Ole, Ole, and the green colours in Europe.

With 3 the team sponsor and it the third time Ole Ole Ole recorded for a major championship to have a "3" theme continuing on from the first recording of Ole, Ole, Ole for Italia 1990 to Ole, Ole, Ole, 2002 (We're Up For The Cup") for Japan/ Korea World Cup in 2002. The plan is to record 3Ole, 30le, 3Ole. OLe Ole Ole!

Dance To Tipperary look forward to working on 3Ole 3Ole 3Ole during the coming months and wish the team and the FAI continued success as they prepare for Euro2012 which takes place in Poland/Eukraine starting on June 8th 2012.


 3Ole! 3Ole! 3Ole!

Ireland to the fore as "Go Green On November 15th" gains momentum, Ole Ole Ole !!!

A night of celebration on Friday last in Tallin as Ireland scored a win to savour in the first leg of the Euro 2012 qualifying playoff against Estonia.

A win by four goals exceeded all expectations as Ireland took what will hopefully prove to be a decisive step towards the EUFA 2012 Championship finals in Poland/Ukraine next Summer.

So the scene is set for a historic day at the Aviva Stadium, Lansdowne Road, Dublin on November 15th when Ireland have a great opportunity to bridge the ten year gap since they qualified for a major tournament.

The Go Green On November 15th will ensure a green day and night as fans around the globe wear green to show their support for their team and hopefully a party and some Ole Ole Ole's!!!

Dance To Tipperary are having their own green party to support the team and Go Green on November 15th in the pub where the Ole Ole Ole video was filmed almost ten years ago as everyone hopes and looks forward to a Go Green trip to the Euro 2012 finals and a new Ole Ole Ole celebration ten years on.

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Irish Fans Encouraged to " Go Green on November 15th", Ole, Ole, Ole !!!


The "Go Green on November 15" is causing excitement amongst Irish soccer fans with fans encouraged to show their support for the team by wearing green for the day of their crucial playoff match against Estonia at Aviva Stadium Dublin on November 15th.

According to the website You Boys In Green, YBIG.ie the campaign has gone from strength. The FAI are supporting and team sponsor 3 Mobile have come on board to provide 50,000 green cards which will be used as a colour display inside Lansdowne Road's Aviva Stadium on Tuesday next.

The first leg of the playoff against Estonia takes place tonight November 11th at the A.le Coq Arena in Tallin with a place at the 2012 European Championships up for grabs. The return and crucial second leg takes place at the Aviva Stadium Dublin on Tuesday next November 15th.

Republic Of Ireland team manager Giovanni Trapattoni was recently out promoting the big match encouragaing fans to Go Green!

The last major champions the Republic Of Ireland team qualified for was The Football World Cup in 2002.

When Ireland qualified for the Football World Cup Finals that year Dance To Tipperary's Ole Ole Ole (We're Up For The Cup) became the sound track of the summer in Ireland and beyond as Irish fans everywhere celebrated and enjoyed the games.

Some fans and friends joined Dance To Tipperary for the making of the Ole Ole Ole video a few weeks before it all kicked offed back then. The video set the scene for the party atmosphere which surrounds the team on their international competitions and especially major tournaments!

Ireland had some stunning performances and Ole, Ole, Ole (We're Up For the Cup) followed them up the charts giving Ole Ole Ole and Dance To Tipperary a brilliant 5 weeks of chart success and party topping days.

Good luck to the Irish team in their upcoming playoff games, hope everyone supports "Go Green On November 15" and that we all get to celebtrate with a new Ole Ole Ole during summer 2012!!!

Watch the video for Ole Ole Ole 2002 here.

DANCE TO TIPPERARY released "The Rakes Of Mallow" 10 years ago this week. (Where does time go?!)

The Rakes Of Mallow Single cover

The Rakes Of Mallow is a traditional Irish song and reel. It is about the rakes from the town of Mallow in Co. Cork. It was first written down during the 1780s.

The Rakes Of Mallow is used by Notre Dame fans who also have a Blog called The Rakes Of Mallow.

It also featured in the film "The Quiet Man" and the tune plays during a montage sequence in the film "Rudy"

"When selecting tracks for our second album we thought that The Rakes Of Mallow would be great for live shows if started slowly and speeded up as it went along so decided to include on the album. Beats were programmed and the traditional tune played live with them and after various speeds were recorded we had The Rakes Of Mallow, Dance To Tipperary style."

The Rakes Of Mallow became the first single from Dance To Tipperary's second studio album and was released on October 25th 2001 (10 years ago this week)

The Rakes Of Mallow entered The Irish Top 30 and Dance Charts the following week just as the second album email@thecliffsofmoher was available in stores.

It still is a live and download favourite today and regulary features amongst our top downloads at Amazon, iTunes and other stores and is even amongst the best selling MP3's at Amazon ten years on today. It is also a popular mobile ringtone.

Dance To Tipperary - The Rakes Of Mallow is also set to be included in Celtic Trance (The Irish Traditional Sessions) which is scheduled for release during March next year as the clubland soundtrack to St. Patrick's Day 2012 and with Dance To Tipperary (DJ Set) being included in the upcoming Celtic Trance On Tour, The Rakes Of Mallow will continue to groove throughout 2012 and beyond.

The video for Dance To Tipperary - The Rakes Of Mallow features live footage from the Total Beat Concert at Dublin's Point Depot now The O2 Dublin. The video was uploaded to Vimeo this week as a little celebration of a great traditional tune that has lasted for centuries and became a Dance To Tipperary favourite during the past decade.


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