It's just one week to Christmas today. Time for a bit of a break, prepare and spend some time with family.

Dance To Tipperary wishes all our wonderful fans, friends, supporters, families and the many people who work with and help us a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you all for your continued support, great efforts and all the good wishes throughout 2011.

Here's looking forward to 2012, The London Olympic Games, Dance To Tipperary DJ SET, Ireland competing in Euro 2012, a new OLE OLE OLE !!! and "Tippin" with #TippDJ all over the world!.

During the holiday period keep up to date with Dance To Tipperary on Twitter and Facebook or by visiting our Twylah page at Happy Holidays.

Dance To Tipperary DJ SET World Tour set to take place during 2012.

Dance To Tipperary DJ SET

Well the draw for Euro 2012 was one thing but look at what's heading around the world during 2012 as well as a new club album release and new club single!! More details later. Really looking forward to it.

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DANCE TO TIPPERARY Y- Tribe Dubstep Mix Is Big Underground Tune In USA.

Irish Rover Single Cover

Breaking news this is for sure!

Dubstep has seen a massive massive increase in popularity across the USA recently. What does that mean for Dance To Tipperary ? you may ask.

Well the very roots of Dance To Tipperary in the late 90's early millenium in London are with Y-Tribe early pioneers on the scene.

Y-Tribe produced and programmed the first two Dance To Tipperary studio albums with the groups producer/DJ Donald Leahy. When The Irish Rover stormed the Irish charts for the new millenium St.Patrick's Day celebrations, tucked away on the Irish Rover single release was a Y-Tribe Dubstep Club Mix.

In a digital world this track has made it's way onto the huge burgeoning Dubstep revival scene in the USA and the vinyl version is a much sought after rarity during the past few weeks.

Every CD single on Amazon and online stores has been fervently gobbled up by the new Dubstep community led by fast turning into superstars, DJ's like Skrillex, Smog Crew ,Bassnectar and Eos a 15 year old whizz mixer from LA.

Coincidentallly Dance To Tipperary DJ SET have been preparing their own Irish Rover Remix as part of the Celtic Club Anthems-The Irish sessions- Dance To Tipperary DJ SET due out for St.Patrick's Day 2012.

Donald Leahy DJ / Producer Dance To Tipperay says "well it's a "United bass brainer" to now include the Y-Tribe Mix as part of special digital single release of The Irish Rover Bantry Bay Remix in March for St.Parrick's Day 2012. As Paul Weller so well wrote "The Public Gets What The Public Wants"

When asked if any live shows coming up Leahy smiles and says "maybe it's time to spin a few tunes and have some real excitement back"

"Bass in the shamrock for Paddy's Day 2012 and mind your step"

The Irish Rover Bantry Bay Remix and The Irish Rover - Y-tribe Club Mix will be released  together as a single in March 2012 and will feature on CELTIC CLUB ANTHEMS - The Irish Sessions - Dance To Tipperary DJ SET also due to be released during March 2012.


Happy Thanksgiving to all our American fans, friends and helpers whom there are many, we love and admire you all.

Enjoy your day!

Watch Dance To Tipperary on VEVO now!

The video for the first single released from Dance To Tipperary's latest album is on VEVO now.

The video for the album's title track Return To Me is coming soon followed by the video for the next US Radio single I'm Sorry during early January 2012.

The video for The Irish Rover - "The Bantry Bay Remix" - Dance To Tipperary DJ SET will premiere on VEVO during late February 2012 as the build up to St. Patrick's Day 2012 begins and Dance To Tipperary DJ SET prepares to hit the road during March 2012 to promote Celtic Club Anthems - The Irish Sessions which is due for release on March 3rd 2012.

Exclusive live footage from Dance To Tipperary DJ SET will be shown on during the tour and afterwards on VEVO

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